Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rebecca's Brothers and Sisters

Rebecca Gratz had eleven brothers and sisters whom I mention from time to time; here for your perusal is a quick rundown of her family:

Parents: Michael Gratz (1740-1811) and Miriam Simon Gratz (1749-1808)

The brothers and sisters in chronological order:

Solomon (1770-1774).

Frances (called Fanny)(1771-1852) m. Reuben Etting (1762 -1848): 8 children.

Simon (1773-1839) m.(?) Mary Smith (17??-18??): 8 children.

Richea (1774-1858) m. Samuel Hays (1764-1838): 10 children.

Hyman (1776-1857).

Sarah (called Sally) (1779-1817).

Rebecca (called Becky) (1781-1869).

Rachel (1783-1823) m. Solomon Moses (1774-1857): 9 children.

Joseph (called Jo) (1785-1858) -- (unknown woman): 8 children.

Jonathan (178?-178?).

Jacob (called Jac) (1789-1856) --(unknown woman): 1 child.

Benjamin (called Ben) (1792-1884) m. (1) Maria Cecil Gist (1797-1841): 6 children.
m. (2) Anna Boswell Shelby (1809-1892): 3 children; 1 stepson.

There is one questionable marriage (Simon's): Joseph's and Jacob's offspring were illegitimate.
The number of children in each case represents all the children known to have been born to the couple; many of course did not survive childhood.

Posts on the individual siblings will appear from time to time.

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